is now The Futon Dun!

20 June 2020

What's up everyone,

It's been a VERY long time since I've been able to blog for various life reasons (from simply being busy to the regular ups and downs of life to a whole journey over the past half year healing from a bad car accident...and that is BEFORE the 'Rona '20s aka The Petty Pandemic - but that's a post for another day).

Anyway, while folks might not be able to always do long form writing and articles like in the past consistently, I still want to be able to post up things that are of interest to the old school audience & he FuseBox Radio listener base as well as for the sites I used to write with back in the day (props to The Industry CoSign, Planet Ill and the O.G. Oh Hell Nawl blog) in between our shows and mixes with occassional written observances, rants, show & convention coverage (when they become a thing again) and whatnot.

Hence, comes "The Futon Dun: This Is A Blog B" section here on the site.

Expect all kinds of stuff to be shared in here, from music videos to Spotify/TIDAL mini-playlists to announcement on various happenings to semi-old person ramblings on whatever's on my mind when I can post things up.

And of course, folks will be able to access the archives from the live The Futon Dun DJ streaming mix sessions in case you aren't able to listen during our regular broadcast time and FuseBox Radio Broadcast episodes.

Hope y'all dig what's going down here and keep on holding on with us!

- DJ Fusion aka The Futon Dun