FuseBox Radio Presents: The Futon Dun

What's the deal with The Futon Dun?

Do you miss that feeling of hanging out & relaxing with your friends, zoning out (au naturale or with your accompainment of choice) and listening to music?

Old School, New School, Just New To You, Whatever...

Just mutually vibing off of a love of great musicial sounds...basically experiencing the audio equivalent of being embraced by an awesome, dope and caring lover. The feeling that elevated joy of being sonically in sync, yet also in your own world at the same time.

The only "gatekeepers" are you and your peoples checking out different tunes, mixtapes, mixes, etc. regardless of the genre - listening to tunes, talking sh*t, eating, drinking and just overall having a great time.

In the college and early post-gradaute days for yours truly (mid-1990s to early 2000s), that was usually in someone's dorm room or house area that usually had some sort of futon to sit or lay on while engaging in all of those vibes.

Regardless of whatever happens in your life, you and your cared for crew always had the music, right?

Now, with the way life can work out we can't have those shared moments with said folks all the time - or hell, simply as often as we would like - in person.

Sometimes it's because folks get older & we just get busy with other obligations (9 to 5 life, significant others, family, regular ups & downs of the day and all that), can't roll to shows like that for music discovery or simply we don't live close to each other to just roll over and chill for a bit.

Or ALL of those things combined.

(And mind you, that was BEFORE the 'Rona aka COVID-19 aka the Petty Pandemic aka "Seriously WTF, For Real?!: The Disease" changed life in the world for now for certain kinds of social gatherings... * inserts EXTREMELY annoyed face here *)

What I want to bring to these live DJ streaming sessions isn't just a "Best Of" or "Top 100" today's or yesterday's hits of any genre OR the most underground/subterranean indie tunes ever.

While some of those tunes may hit the upcoming mixes, I just want to promote the fun & relaxing vibe of a post-event mellow out session or a semi-lazy weekend.

Some days, that means the songs will be wild excitable. Other days might be full of the equivalent of audio haze. And sometimes, well the tune mixture flow will be cool but overall f*cking weird & random feeling as all hell.

It won't feel like [insert streaming service of choice here] algorithms on shuffle or only the highly monied of the music industry only shouting out their benefactors over beats & Internet links.

This won't be the place where dusty old or young heads waving their proverbial canes arrogantly chasting others about what the "REAL SH*T" is who haven't listened to a damned thing new in years, even songs by their "favorite" artists.

This is where we'll show what said "real sh*t" is and all of it's infinite facets from the past and present as much as possible either via two turntables and a mic or a really nice DJ controller (depends on folks' mood in the lab).

You're going to get everything from straight up dance parties to couple cuddling sessions to screw face head nod song selections and everything in between.

This weekly live mix series will be a lot. BUT, certainly won't be lazy, boring or dry.

Since...well, that's how I roll generally as a person, semi-weirdo in an abnormal world, a Black American Gen X-er and someone who simply feels creativity has to be celebrated in all forms as long as we're here.

Like...why the hell not get a bit of extra joy in your day via the universal language, right?

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the journey and connection - even if mainly via wifi and broadband links, either live each week or via the podcast downloads, with some blog posts/written pieces in between (since part of the cultural experience was not just absorbing the music but damned near everything attached to it on a multi-media level) - of this project and iMellow Out Musicial Mood as much as I'm going to.

Thanks for being a part of the ride and being on board!

- DJ Fusion aka The Futon Dun

FuseBox Radio Broadcast

June 20, 2020

The Futon Dun (aka BlackRadioIsBack.com, Version 2.0)

The Futon Dun Promo 2

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